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Xbox-Scene Legal Tools Downloads

PLEASE NOTE: Everything on this page is non-commercial or freeware.
None of the content should contain any copyright protected code or break any other European copyright law. If that's not the case , contact me and I will (after verification) remove the content immediately.

This Patch is only for XBDash Live 2.0.17e4cd00 (or named 5659)
This patch only allow you to mod original xip's without having to resign your xboxdash.xbe.
Adding xip's still need a resign but only once, after you can modify your freshly added xip's without resigning.
Moreover this patch include no-reboot on XBDash (IGR still works).
>>Download<< || By fuckdb || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

Ase to XM will convert a 3DMax exported ASE file to XM format and XM to ASE. Supports mesh and texturing.
XMreader will allow you to read what an XM file has(face count, verts,coord, ect..).
Back up your Dash before you start editing it.
>>Download<< || By jimk || >>Latest version: v1<<

Let me start off by clarifying the name - it is an "autofill" because you don't have to edit any config.xaps or menu xap's to have your menu's filled. But it is based on the SavedGameGrid - so you need a save on your hd in order for anything to show up on the menus. I figured it was easier for ppl to edit their saves than to keep editing their xap's everytime they added/removed an item. Now thanks to Xtech - that process got even easier :) Included is his DummySaveCreator which with one click of a button will create any dummy saves needed to fully represent your hard drive's contents in the menus.
>>Download<< || By JbOnE || >>Latest version: v1<<

Color Patcher for MS Dashboard.
>>Download<< || By fuckdb || >>Latest version: v0.1.1 beta<<

XBX <-> DDS <-> IMG (Support .tga, .bmp, .gif, .ppm, .jpg, .tif)
All are batch process system.
* Extract DDS from XBX,
* Inject DDS in XBX,
* Convert DDS to JPG,
* Convert any image file to a valid DDS ;)
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.0<<

The first of it's kind, Hexbe is an application that easily allows you to change up to 39 textures in "xboxdash.xbe" directly over ftp in just a couple of clicks.
With user-control in mind, available is 4 sliders (1 for each of the channels Alpha, R, G, and B), and a Color Palette for the lazy asses out there. For the old school, stubborn hackers, included also is a manual patching technique, that can be executed and reisigned manually.
>>Download<< || By Xtech & Vulgusprofanum || >>Latest version: v0.9.209<<

This patch is to remove DVD region check in the DVD player from original XBOX dashboard.
It works (tested) on following Microsoft dashboard versions :
3944, 4034, 4817, 4920 rev. 10027100, 4920 rev. 1012a700, 5659 rev. 17e4cd00, 5659 rev. 17f14d00
It may work (not tested) on following Microsoft dashboard versions : 4627
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.04<<

Progressive Scan Patcher for the original MS dashboard.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

This is basicly a rewrite of Votaics code for the xm viewer but it uses OpenGL to render instead of D3D.
>>Download<< || By jimk || >>Latest version: v1<<

pixit is a program to manipulate files stored in the Xbox XIP archive file. You can display the file content, extract the files, re-assemble an archive. You can also add new files but for now it is not recommended.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.6<<

WinXIP is a program to manipulate files stored in the Xbox Archive File. You can view, edit and extract the content of these archive files. You can resign the MS Dashboard (xboxdash.xbe) using the modified version of these archives.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.88a<<

* XBXTools will extract an xbx file to a dds file
* XBXtools will build an xbx file from a dds file (or Jpg File)
* Acts as Bundler.exe(MS SDK) and xprectract2.exe
* No painful cmd line interface anymore. Only 2 buttons - Extract/Build.
No Download

This application allows you to easily add/modify menus for use with the Microsoft Dashboard.
Designed for newbies, who dont want to edit manually the dashboard.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.11<<

Xm converter was created to convert many xm files at once.
simple left side is where your xm files are, select as many as you want then click convert to convert them all.
>>Download<< || By Jimk || >>Latest version: v1<<

Here is an Xap editor for editing Xap files. Will also import xaps directly from XIP files. If you like UltraEdit you will like this lots of same features. If you edit the XAP files you need this proggy.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.91<<

Here is a new tool for winxip or can be used by itself.
It will simply upload all the xips in a folder and your xboxdash.xbe to your xbox.
Can be setup as a tool in winxip for ftp cababilities.
>>Download<< || By jimk || >>Latest version: v1<<

converts dds files to other formats.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<


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