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Xbox Version Detection

IMPORTANT: Make sure you always start this guide with STEP1
If there's a test that gives a wrong result on your xbox , please contact us asap so we can update this page. Thx.


Check which brand of VideoChip you have (v1.0/v1.1/v1.2v/1.3 - v1.4/v1.5 - v1.6)

LOCATION of VideoChip on motherboard (same on all versions)

The videochip is located in the red area



Now check what brand of videochip you have
(click picture that matches your Xbox)

IMAGE1: 'Conexant' written on your videochip

IMAGE2: 'Focus' written on your videochip

IMAGE3: 'xcalibur' + xbox-logo on your videochip


Select which picture matches with your Xbox:
Your Xbox is like on image 1: click here
Your Xbox is like on image 2: click here
Your Xbox is like on image 3: click here


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