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Week of November 14, 2004
libSDLx v0.11 FDB
>> Freakdave released a new version of libSDLx(info) - a port of the Simple DirectMedia Layer library for Xbox orginally released by Lantus.
From freakdave.xbox-scene.com
Here's an unofficial libSDLx update.
This version has HCl's improvements already included.
And no,this time it's not a birthday release (FDB = freakdave's beta) ;-)

What's new/fixed:
* Fixed: fixed a memory leak when calling SDL_SetVideoMode repeatedly - thanks HCl
* Fixed: fixed a small bug in the keyboard routines - thanks HCl
* Added: ported SDL_net - thanks HCl
* Added: XBOX_SetFlickerFilter function
* Added: XBOX_SetSoftDisplayFilter function

Official Site Freakdave: http://freakdave.xbox-scene.com
Official Site HCl: http://hcl.xbox-scene.com
Official Site Lantus: http://www.lantus-x.com/SDLx/
Download Sources: here

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(Saturday 20 November 2004 20:03 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Open Source Halo 2 Tools Project: Project Ch2r v0.3.3
>> From halomods.com:
XIU posted this about a week ago, it is a project started to get the Halo2 ball rolling.
"Project Ch2r. A common Halo 2 reverse-engineering project. Open Source Halo 2 Editor for doing all the things you need for modding your maps. Extracting meta, viewing meta, swapping items, ..."
They have set up a repository on SourceForge, so if you are a coder and interested in helping out, check out the topic on our forums:

Current version v0.3.3
Current Features:
- Open Halo 2 Map files.
- List all items with their tags.
- Description for all tags. (Thx to D3fault_dot_Xbe)
- Show secondary magic.
- Give information about item:
-- Filename
-- Offset
-- MetaOffset
-- Ident
-- Value
-- Size
- Extract meta of item
- Find items by Value, Ident or Offset
- Plugin support

- Extracting Sounds (Dark Neo)
- Dependecies View/Swap
- Meta Swap
- ...

Official Site: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ch2r/
Download: here

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(Saturday 20 November 2004 14:26 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

XLink Kai Server Move.. *updated*
>> From teamxlink.co.uk:
Sorry for this guys, but we're moving over to a new server today. Rest assured this is probably the last server move you'll see from us. We've had a very generous donation from a Dutch company and so we're now in the process of moving everything over.
Signups and confirmations are disabled as a result! The forums are down too.
Apologies for the disruptions, but we're talking a 10Gbps connection here so we think it's worth it ;)

*UPDATE* Hey everyone - I've bumped the server move back for a week. There are a few more bits we need to get set up over there before we can transfer everything.
Hopefully we've stopped the DNS transfer in time - you shouldn't notice any disruption.

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(Saturday 20 November 2004 11:41 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

GameSpot's Rumor Control: 3 Xbox 2s
>> Here's what GameSpot has to say about the news/article posted a few days ago on The Inquirer that there could be 3 models of the Xbox2 (one with and without HD and another that could also be used as a PC).
From GameSpot.com
* RUMOR : The Xbox Next will come in three different models.
* Source: UK hardware site/online tabloid The Inquirer.
* The official story: "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation"--Microsoft spokesman.
* What we heard: The past two weeks, Xbox rumors dominated the forums, the most juicy of which said that there will be not one, not two, but three versions of Microsoft's new console: The hard drive-less Xbox Next, the Xbox Next HD, which will come with a hard drive, and the Xbox Next PC, which will be both an Xbox and an entry-level PC. And there's some substantiation to this scenario, since supposedly customer testing of an "Xbox Next PC" occurred earlier this year.
* Bogus or not bogus?: Here's hoping this rumor is not bogus.

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(Saturday 20 November 2004 02:00 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

XBpartitioner v1.0
>> NghtShd released a new version of XBpartitioner(info) - an Xbox harddrive partitioner and formatter. What's new/fixed:
* Fixed a bug which wouldn't allow writing of table or formatting under non-compliant kernels.

Official Site: n/a, by NghtShd
Download: n/a (built with XDK)
News-Source: xbins.org

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(Friday 19 November 2004 21:34 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

SmartXX-OS Build 3331 and v1.6 Recovery Manual
>> From SmartXX.com:
SmartXX-OS(info) Build 3331
The final 1.6b.
Full support all XBox units - 1.0-1.6b!

Special thanx to cheapestmods for the nice 1.6 recovery manual.

Official Site: http://www.smartxx.com
Download SmartXX-OS Build 3331: here
Download 1.6_rebuild_manual.pdf: here

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(Friday 19 November 2004 12:26 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Team Xodus Update: Competition and Christmas Surprises
>> From TeamXodus.com:
Xodus/Xtender competition:
You will be delighted to hear we have short-listed 40 entries from a very interesting and varied selection. We have been overwhelmed at the amount of entries received. In fact, we tried to work out how many overall names and phrases we were given but lost count at well over 5000!!! Rest assured that each and every name and phrase was carefully looked at and considered. The short-listed entries are now being judged by the panel, and you can expect the winner to be announced in the coming week. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all entrants who participated in making this contest a great success. If you don't win this time there is always next time, and as you know, phase two will begin once a name and phrase is chosen, so get your sketchpads ready...

Christmas Surprises?
You bet! We would not be Team Xodus if we did not have anything up our sleeves.
To be honest we have really been encouraged at the very positive response and many compliments we have been receiving of late from happy customers, installers and developers alike. We are rated the number one chip out there with the number one Operating System for many good reasons, including unparalleled features, stability, reliability, build quality, ease of use and installation, to name but a few! It seems that the policy of doing things properly, taking our time and ensuring quality is key has really paid off. Having been around for almost a year and proving time and again that we are, and will continue to be, second to none really does count in this industry. We are extremely proud of our own Xenium OS and the fact that it is passing test after test with flying colors such as the recent issues with 1.6b compatibility which were no problem at all for the Xenium OS and of course the ever reliable (unless you are a cloner) ACT. Our OS is not only very stable and relatively bug free but, as promised, allows us the flexibility and opportunity for greater development and the addition of new and unique features. So, in short, the accolades and praise our Xenium OS is receiving is not mentioned here to gloat or boast but to let you know that we are grateful for the commentary and are encouraged to develop and innovate at a greater pace. With such a strong platform from which to launch we are certain to reach heights never thought possible before!!

In the Hardware department, there is the obvious co-operation with Xtender to look forward to as well as many eye opening developments one of which will be guaranteed to cure you of that serious case of arachnophobia :)

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(Thursday 18 November 2004 21:21 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Hostile Territory W.I.P. Update
>> Hostile Territory(info) (previously called Jihad) is a homebrew arcade/adventure game for Xbox currently in development by 'The unProfessional'. The game is designed to be a free, fun, multiplayer homebrew game for everyone to enjoy.
From theunprofessional.com:
I was planning to release a drive-around pre-build last weekend to remind people that yes, there is a game called Hostile Territory/Jihad and it will be released. I spent the weekend porting my recent work back over to the xbox with great success (i've been developing primarily on the PC). So over the next few days, I'll put together something basic for people to goof around with. It won't contain multiplayer or much in terms of combat. I still have things to do. At least it'll demonstrate some of the new physics.
But rest assured, it's still a work in progres

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(Thursday 18 November 2004 19:06 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

OXM US predicts Halo 2.5 for Xenon
>> From Spong.com:
Bland Microsoft marketing department extension magazine OXM in the US has published a fresh prediction for the future of the Halo series, making some startlingly familiar claims.
According to the publication Halo 2.5 is underway. But... it’s underway for Xbox 2. And yes, SPOnG is aware that the same magazine published a piece about the non-existent Halo 1.5 for existing MS gaming hardware not so long ago.

Read the whole article on Spong.com.

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(Thursday 18 November 2004 11:25 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

(EU) New Xbox Live sign-up promotion offers free games for referrals
>> From GamesIndustry.biz:
Microsoft has announced details of its latest promotion for the Xbox Live online gaming service, with the firm offering a free Xbox game to existing members who persuade a friend to sign up.
The promotion runs from now until the end of January, and is open to Xbox Live members in European countries who get their friends to sign up a paid subscription to the service.
The list of games gamers can choose from includes recent titles like Fable and Sudeki, or older games such as Ninja Gaiden, Rallisport Challenge 2, Project Gotham Racing 2, Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge, Counter-Strike, Midtown Madness 3, or Links 2004.

Read the whole article on GamesIndustry.biz.

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(Thursday 18 November 2004 07:03 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

responDESIGN Replies to Claims by Roger Avary
>> After the lawsuit filled by award-winning screenwriter Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction) about the game "Yourself! Fitness." (see previous news), the original game makers (responDESIGN) replied. From TeamXbox.com
responDESIGN CEO Ted Spooner called the claims, “Completely false, Microsoft did not participate in the development of this product in any way, shape or form. This product was an original creation of responDESIGN and my partner Phin Barnes.””
responDESIGN co-founder and game creater Phin Barnes says, “I am flattered that my independent creative efforts have made an Oscar winner jealous. The difference between me and Mr. Avary is that while he sits back and makes claims, I have co-founded a company and put a great health and fitness tool in the hands of those who need it.”

A few facts from responDESIGN:
responDESIGN developed the idea of Yourself!Fitness independently.
responDESIGN conceived of Yourself!Fitness prior to the dates Mr. Avary claims he shared his idea with outside parties.
responDESIGN expects to vigorously defend itself in this matter because Mr. Avery’s allegations are simply untrue.

Read the whole article on TeamXbox.com.

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(Thursday 18 November 2004 06:59 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

More Information About New Xbox LIVE Ban System
>> Angerwound sent us new information about the new Xbox LIVE banning system.
Apparently Microsoft is now only banning the HDD-Key and not the Serial Number/Mac Address of the EEprom as before. This means that you do not need a whole new EEprom to get unbanned, but only a valid and non-banned HDD-Key.

So if your Xbox got banned you can unban it by unlocking your HD, change the HDD-Key in your EEprom (using configmagic or other EEprom tools) with a unbanned one from another EEprom (you can't just use a random key - it must be a valid one from a retail box), then just relock your HD and your Xbox will be unbanned. Even using an old banned EEprom and change it with an unbanned HDD-Key, will allow you to connect on LIVE. This has been tested for over a week and the xbox is still not banned. The box in question has been banned several times before as well as had it's live account terminated. Angerwound even tested it by putting random information on all other paramaters except the HDD-Key and it connected fine on LIVE.

This could have a great deal to do with why people are randomly getting banned now.
They had previously been using a valid serial number/Mac address but now the authentication servers do not want to validate their HDD Key.

The above information tells you how to get unbanned, but if you don't change anything to your setup it's likely you'll get banned again of course. At this moment we don't know yet what MS is all checking to ban an Xbox...
However, they are probably checking several things on the HD. So best thing you can do is to use your MS retail and untouched (no homebrew/hacked files) HD (don't forget to also unlock with old key/relock it with the new key) only to connect on LIVE.

More Info/Discussion Thread: forums.xbox-scene.com

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(Wednesday 17 November 2004 20:18 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

IcemanMods.com Underglow Kit v4 Review

Package Includes:
Acrylic X-Base with 4 pre-attached feet and the 12 LED light rod
AC Adapter w/ Power Switch and sequence selector (optional)

Price: 29.95 (basic package: includes the acrylic X-Base and the light rod.)
(+7.97 for AC Adapter)

Continuing the series of reviews on case mods and case replacements, I had an opportunity to review this new product. Anyone who has attempted to, or is interested in installing 8-12 LEDs in the front panel of their Xbox to create an under glow effect will be interested in this product.

While strictly not a case mod, consider it a case add-on. What you get is a quality precision cut acrylic deck (X-Base) cut to the shape of the bottom of the Xbox. It will comes stock etched with the site’s logo, but I imagine if you contact them they can accommodate custom requests. The deck is supported by 4 acrylic feet, made from the same material, and the same thickness of the X-Base.

The deck is backlit by a rod with 12 bright LEDS (in the case of the review sample Blue ones) but you can also get it in Red and Green variations.

Assembly can’t be any easier. With the review unit, all I had to do was remove the protective paper that ship on the acrylic, plug into a wall outlet and turn it on to see the impressive light show of this under glow kit.


On/Off Switch and LED Sequence Selector came pre-mounted in a nice small project switch box. The Green Button gives the owner 8 options to the LED sequence display pattern, giving you everything you want to see from a night rider effect, to a slow fade in/out effect, to a seizure inducing effect and variations in-between. (or set to random and watch them go from one sequence to another.)

Many modders have been adding under glow effects, mostly by adding some leds inside the front panel. This works, but many have accidentally fried their boxes with accidental shorts, and wrong wirings attempts. For those people, this product is for them. This product also suits those who simply want to highlight and showcase their pride and joy Xbox in a fashion that will set their box in a place all it’s own. This under glow kit delivers that in spades.

If your xbox is already a festival light show, adding this kit will complete the look. I added this kit to a blue painted/themed Xbox with a Jewel Mod, Jewel Light Kit, and power and eject LED mod. The additions of this kit completed the look and feel I was shooting for, without the aggravation of wiring multiple LEDS in sequence or parallel to achieve the effect.


For most of us wanting to add our own custom underglow to an xbox, we would not be able to achieve a sequence pattern without a basic knowledge of electronics and ic and pic circuits. This kit brings underglow to the masses without the learning curve and risk. I know that I myself would not have been able to come up with my own sequence switching unit. Having control of the LED patterns, is almost worth the price of the kit alone.

The only downside I saw with this kit, is that the acrylic feet have little grip. Something the developer will or will soon fix.

-Ease of assembly (none)
-LED sequencer
-On/Off Switch

-Arcylic Feet lack grip

Review Video: IcemanMods.com's Underglow Kit in action
Continuing Discussion: XS Forums

Official Site: www.IceManMods.com

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(Wednesday 17 November 2004 17:28 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Microsoft Rules Out XBox Launch in India Due Piracy Level
>> From IndiaTimes.com:
NEW DELHI: Piracy, piracy, piracy. That seemed to be the top concern of the flamboyant Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, visiting India after a gap of nine years.
So deep was Ballmer's concern over software piracy that he ruled out the release of Microsoft's gaming hardware device XBox anytime soon in India, for the fear of its games — software on which the company actually makes money— being duplicated, making the company lose millions.

Read the whole article on IndiaTimes.com.

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(Wednesday 17 November 2004 11:21 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Hollywood Writer Sues Microsoft Over Yoga Game
>> From CNet news.com:
Academy Award-winning screenwriter Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction) has sued Microsoft in California for purportedly stealing his idea for a virtual yoga studio after the software giant sought his advice for winning over women to video games, his attorney said on Tuesday.
Avary seeks at least $30 million plus punitive damages and has asked a judge to stop Microsoft and co-defendant ResponDesign, an Oregon game publisher, from selling the yoga Xbox game, called "Yourself! Fitness."
ResponDesign Chief Executive Ted Spooner called the claims "completely false," and said Microsoft "did not participate in the development of this product in any way, shape or form."
"We've invested the hearts, minds and souls of our 16 employees in creating this product...it is a wholly original idea that was created before any discussions this individual had with Microsoft," he said.
A Microsoft representative said the company has not seen the lawsuit and had no comment.

Read the whole article on News.com.

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(Tuesday 16 November 2004 23:55 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

SpiderChip: New ModChip With Solderless Solution For Xbox v1.6
>> From SpiderChip.com:
The Spider is the first chip to achieve what many thought was not possible: Solderless installation on Xbox 'v1.6'.
It is also compatible (and solderless) with Xbox v1.0 to v1.5
Even better, it comes with a low price tag, lower than regular non-solderless chip.
Nevertheless Spider chip is produced with the highest standards of quality, and comes inside a metal box to ensure safe delivery from all our reseller. It is the first chip to include such safe packaging!
Spider chip comes with a modified (enhanced) Cromwell(info) bios, which allows you to lock/unlock HDD and to reflash the chip from a CD.
We will provide more functions in future update of our Bios.
'Spider chip are now under way to resellers. They should be available by Wednesday 17/11/2004.

Q: Is the Spider Chip compatible with all Xbox versions?
A: Yes, the spider Chip is compatible with all Xbox versions V1.0 to V1.6 and is solderless on all of them!
Q: Will there be any update to the Spider Bios ?
A: Yes we are already working on the new version, and will always bring new quality update to our bios, which will be available for download on this site in the Download section.

Divineo (the official distributor) also sent us some exclusive pictures of this new modchip. It's solderless on v1.6 using 'spring-wires' that you can bend into the right points (like the D0-spingwire on the Xenium and Xecuter solderless adapter). With the LPC pogopins the modchip is also solderless on v1.0-v1.5.
The flashsize of the modchip is 256KB.


More Pictures: Metal Box - Front Side - Installed Chip2 - Installed Chip3 - Installed Chip4

Official Site: http://www.spiderchip.com

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(Tuesday 16 November 2004 19:35 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

X-B.I.T V1.5 with XBX 1.6 Adapter Diagrams
>> From dms3.com:
We have added the XBX 1.6 LPC rebuild diagrams and the X-B.I.T V1.5 + XBX 1.6 adapter diagrams to the downloads section, under "Diagrams- zip packed".
Please note that you must purchase a 1.6 adapter before the X-B.I.T V1.5 will be compatible with XBX 1.6's. The adapter does not support X-B.I.T. 1.0's.

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(Tuesday 16 November 2004 19:01 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

SmartXX LPC recovery-PCB Manual
>> From smartxx.com:
We updated our manuals for 1.6 Boxes with new pictures for the new LPC Rebuild PCB.
Download: here

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(Tuesday 16 November 2004 14:40 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Xbox 2 dated – By the Internet!
>> From Spong.com:
According to a segment of a question and answer section on IGN, Microsoft will be launching the successor to the Xbox, currently bedraped with the moniker Xenon, in 2005.
“Microsoft will release the successor to Xbox in 2005,” writes the site. “And by the way, if there is still any doubt about this happening, now's the time to put it to rest. I've seen some holiday 2005 plans from publishers and several of them have major Xbox 2 titles scheduled for next November. I could name specific franchises and brand new IPs. It's really happening. And from the looks of it, there are going to be some pretty impressive launch titles.”

Read the whole article on Spong.com.

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(Tuesday 16 November 2004 10:31 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

XLink Kai Update Rolls
>> From TheDaddy on teamxlink.co.uk:
Tonights updates are now complete. If you want to check if you have the update, simply restart Kai(info), then go into diagnostics - you should see engine version being reported as We've gone as far as we can towards fixing the Halo 2 flickering - although its becoming apparent that there is actually a bug in the game when there is more than 1 syslink server available .. it's been tested with 4 XBoxes on a hub together - and there was flickering :/ We'll keep looking anyway..

But yeah - like I said below, we're signing off for a bit now - the *nix / XBMC guys will be taking the lead for a while. I'll still be around - playing with different things - we just need time for people to relax, and all get on the same page.
Thanks for everyones support recently - hitting that

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(Tuesday 16 November 2004 00:03 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

More About Recent Xbox LIVE Bannings
>> Many big 'general news' sites wrote about the new Xbox LIVE bans, with a lot of false and unconfirmed information, but Associated Press released an article with some reactions from Microsoft you may want to see.
From Forbes.com:
With Halo 2 expected to entice a new batch of users to the Xbox Live online gaming community, Microsoft says it got tougher with people suspected of making unauthorized modifications to their Xboxes.
Cameron Ferroni, general manager of the Xbox software platform, says Microsoft is not interested in suing individual users. But the company does want to banish scofflaws from its online service, Xbox Live.
Ferroni declined to go into specifics on how the company can check Xbox Live users' machines for suspected modifications. He said Microsoft has no way of checking whether players who don't use Xbox Live have modified their machines.
Neil Smith, an intellectual property lawyer with Howard Rice in San Francisco, said there's little legal risk in modifying a game system for relatively benign personal use, such as making players invulnerable.
But it is important to Microsoft to prevent such cheating on Xbox Live, where multiple players can take part in games. Ferroni said the goal is to make sure there's a level playing field.
Microsoft says it has focused its legal efforts on those it believes are manufacturing pirated games or mass-producing Xbox modifications.

McNealy - an analyst with American Technology Research - thinks Microsoft is right to go after those who are playing pirated games, but he thinks Microsoft might be flattered by some of the other homemade tweaks.
"To modify it to the umpteenth degree is simply a byproduct of the geek culture of the hardcore gamer," McNealy said. "It should be good news for Microsoft that there's that much demand (for Xbox) that people want to spend so much time figuring that stuff out."

Read the whole article on Forbes.com.

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(Monday 15 November 2004 23:31 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) 2004-11-15 CVS build
>> A new CVS compile of XboxMediaCenter(info) has been released with all the new XLink Kai(info) and SPEEX features and including Project Mayhem I and II (11-13 version) skins.
What's new/fixed (since 10-29 CVS build):
* added: Kai default games directory set to f:\games
* added: Kai Toast - pop up notifications for XLink Kai function
* added: Kai Auto Play - automatically launch games off the harddrive
* added: Kai Network Settings - configure games directory and notifications.
* added: Kai Netowrk Dialogs - help for n00bs
* added: RealMedia RTSP/RDT support
* added: Implementation of 2 channel PCM passthrough
* added: GUI setting for 2 channel PCM passthrough
* added: Ability to define a built-in function in place of an action in keymap.xml eg. you can have XBMC.ActivateWindow(501) to go to My Music screen or you can do XBMC.RunScript(my script.py) etc. etc.
* added: tag with the real label etc. for the block in XBoxMediaCenter.xml
* added: new control buttonscroller for homepage buttons.
* added: group added to XBoxMediaCenter.xml for user configurable buttons.
* added: XBMC.ActivateWindow() built-in command.
* added: new command "XBMC.RestartApp" for skinners to restart only the application
* added: xbmc will now check for necessary files when executing a python script
* added: OSD selection of STEREO/LEFT/RIGHT for 2 channel audio.
* added: GUI code for monkeyh1
* added: Context menu to My Pictures
* added: Random slideshow ability
* added: Recursive thumb generation
* added: Folder thumbs for picture folders
* added: my music songs, Shoutcast Top 500 streams share
* added: [ 1051008 ] CD-TEXT support (doesn't work on all drives!!!) (Thnx to mog)
* added: tag to give skinners the ability to enable/disable the overlay windows via xml file
* added: SF patch #1056254 New simple-stacking mode for video
* added: Possibility for skinners to define their own windows (custom*.xml where * is a number)
* added: SF patch #1056175 FTP server uses /E/ now instead of /E:/
* added: Support for the context menu for editting bookmarks in My Videos, My Pictures, My Music
* added: [ 990760 ] My Programs now displays shares in panel (same as other sections)
* fixed: Crash in dialogs if some dialog skin files weren't present.
* fixed: Less intrusive warning on Kai disconnection and better reconnection facilities.
* fixed: Reconnection to Kai engine after disconnection.
* fixed: , , didn't work for listcontrolex
* fixed: My Pictures shows folder thumb for parent folder items
* fixed: Lockup adding artist folders to playlist (sf bug #1062846)
* fixed: Alpha level errors that occured with some button types (radio button etc.)
* fixed: prevent switching to vis during slideshow (stops slideshow)
* fixed: minor bugs like delay calculation in audio output device
* fixed: multi byte language cue file not open correctly over SMB share
* fixed: shutdown button
* fixed: subtitle size of 4:3 videos displayed on widescreen
* fixed: my music songs, record button was not enabled/disabled immediately after starting/stopping a shoutcast stream
* fixed ttf font .srt subtitle lockup issue
* fixed: default resolution tags in skin.xml are now case-insensitive
* fixed: CUtil::Lower not work correctly in multi byte language
* fixed: 3/5 channel non-passthrough audio lockup
* fixed: smb multibyte language not display correctly in some places
* fixed: Remote INFO button wasn't working for show file info
* fixed: After showing video/album info item is selected
* fixed: album info is not displayed in songs
* fixed: Bug in new video code (hopefully!)
* fixed: Thumbs aspect ratio in list controls
* updated: German (Austrian), German, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, French, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew, Polish language file (Thnx to CEOMR, wellingtontu, bompy, modhack2, kotix, joepmeloenx, okets, napek)
* Updated finnish strings.xml (thanks nanite1k)
* changed: Use msdash audio settings for analog audio (Stereo <-> Dolby Surround) instead of forcing Dolby Surround
* changed: xbmc will now only restart xbmc instead of the xbox when soft restart is requested
* changed: Some strings from cd+g support changed for better translation
* changed: CD+G support updated (Thnx to stcogolin)
* changed: default IP addresses if none are set.
* changed: progress control now can have an overlay texture
* changed: Rearranged a lot of the My Videos code into a base class
* moved: Random slideshow button to My Pictures (from settings)

Official Site: http://www.xboxmediacenter.com / http://sourceforge.net/projects/xbmc
Tutorial to setup XLink Kai support in XBMC: here
Download Binaries: n/a (built with XDK)
Download SourceCode: here
News-Source: xbins.org

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(Monday 15 November 2004 20:39 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

XLink Kai Project Status
>> From TheDaddy on teamxlink.co.uk:
I just thought I'd make a post to let you all know what's going on at the moment. A few days back, we released a fix for Halo 2. While it seems to have helped a little, it didn't do exactly what I hoped. Games still flicker a bit, and it's kinda annoying. It also seems to have broken some functionality in some other games - Rainbow Six being one.

So, tonight I'm going to add some stuff to the engine which is long overdue - flexible routing modes for each arena. This means we can "tune" each games performance specifically - and make sure we dont lose stuff like voice data.
Once that's done, I'm pretty much calling a halt to new Kai(info) development for a while. Most of the admins here are burnt out - and tensions are starting to fray a little. I know I'm certainly not making good decisions at the moment - so I'm calling for this break for everyone.

We've also being messing Luis and Zipleen about a lot recently - because I've kept changing the win32 engine - so Luis has to keep chasing me to get the *nix engine uptodate. Hopefully, this break from new features will give him the time he needs to get that WRT build out to you guys - and for Zipleen to finalise his awesome OSS UI Libs.

I'll let you know once the flexible routing is installed and your clients will be updated automagically as usual.

Finally, with the huge surge in users we have - support is becoming a lot more taxing than it's been recently. I would like to personally ask any user with a good understanding of networking, port forwarding and firewalls to chip in and help where possible in our help forum.
Cheers guys - we'll be back with you shortly - but until then, it's over to the *nix guys and XboxMediaCenter(info) ;);)

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(Monday 15 November 2004 17:59 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

PlayStation 2 Still the Preferred System This Holiday Season
>> From GamesIndustry.biz:
A new market research survey of consumer holiday buying intentions from Phoenix Marketing International concludes that PlayStation 2 will again be the gaming system of choice this holiday season. More than one-quarter of all households are prepared to purchase another gaming system this year – whether it be a PS2, Xbox, or even a new PC. Recent price cuts, the introduction of new games, and design changes are driving consumers to the stores.

Read the whole article on GamesIndustry.biz.

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(Monday 15 November 2004 12:41 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

X3 1959 Success Reports
>> From TeamXecuter.com:
It seems we have nailed pretty much all the bugs from X3 Config Live now. Here are some comments from our users who were kind enough to test for us.
* Quote:
PAL 60 is working fine for me.
Thank you :-)
* Quote:
PAL 60 work like a charm after upgrade with this new bios version.
Thanks to the team you make great job :-)
* Quote:
Also confirming pal 60 works on both my v1.0/conexant box and v1.6 crystal/xcalibur box.
Good work guys! Very Happy
* Quote:
The bios fixed Pal. I have not found any more bugs or game freezes. Great Job!
* Quote:
2 thumbs up, all bugs previously reported squashed
* Quote:
XBOX V1.2 PAL, 250GB HDD, 128MB Memory
EEPROM & PAL 60 stuff working great, no problems. :-)
* Quote:
LCD is working SCHWEET with 1957 build, no errors to report.
* Quote:
M$ HDTV adapter now working on PAL v1.4 machine. Thanx
* Quote:
Thanx Xecuter! All my hanging problems seems so far away ;) it works great! All the games that hang before now working :-) GREAT JOB
* Quote:
YES !!!!!!!!!!!
W/S swicth & PAL 60 work perfectly now, I was getting fed up of NTSC forced upon me. Tested other features after a full reset, no new problems detected. YOU'VE DONE IT. THANKYOU T.X.

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(Monday 15 November 2004 09:24 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

metoo m8plus v1.4.1
>> A update for the MS Dashboard font exploit package...
Whats new:
* Name changed from M8pack to M8plus pack :)
* These bioses have a new 2bl BFM footer format.
* Support for kernel parameter SHADOW and a new one, AVSAVE, to be able to
pass saved screen states across bios loading.
* The Metoo bios loader also has a new Screen blank option, though the default
option (keep current screen) ought to be fine.

This update fixes the issues with 1.6b (1.4.1 was not working)

Official Site: n/a
Download: n/a (contains MS code)
News-Source: xbins.org

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(Monday 15 November 2004 01:32 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Loads More XBMC and Kai Updates!
>> From xboxmediacenter.de:
Loads more XboxMediaCenter(info) + Kai(info) updates!
New in todays CVS, are a slew of new online features for XBMC and its XLink Kai support. These include:
* 'Auto-Play' from harddrive
Configure your games directory in the Kai settings screen e.g. f:\games
Now whenever you're in an arena, clicking the 'Play' button will automatically launch the associated game from your harddrive, provided it is located in a sub-directory of the one you specified in the settings screen. If no matching game can be found, you'll be prompted for the game disc as before.
* 'Kai Toast' notifications (see picture below)
Whenever one of your buddies signs in, sends you an invite or tries to start a voice chat with you, you'll get a pop-up message to inform you. This works even while watching a movie. By default this feature is enabled, you can disable it in the Kai settings screen.
* Network Status dialogs
XBMC will now provide helpful error dialogs; if there is a connection issue with your PC, your XTAG and password is wrong or you've simply lost connectivity, you'll know about it.
* 'My Avatar'
Your avatar and XTAG nick are now displayed on-screen. You can configure your avatar by managing your account at the www.teamxlink.co.uk websi
* And numerous other bug fixes.

For more information please see this topic in the forums.

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(Sunday 14 November 2004 21:33 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

More About Xbox DVD-ROM Issues
>> From Danilo Campos on games.slashdot.org:
I got a little irritated when Microsoft wanted me to pony up $80 to repair my out-of-warranty Xbox for a hardware failure that is very, very well-known. Slashdot recently reported a class action aimed at solving this very problem. That will take too long and cost everyone too much. The only ones who'll be better off are the lawyers.
I have instead organized a polite, respectful request by Xbox owners that Microsoft repair or replace any afflicted systems at their own expense. Join the call, won't you?

There's even a thread about the problem on bungie.net's Halo2 forums saying "'Dirty Disc'/'Failed to Load Map' errors could be the result of a problem with your Xbox (more likely in older units). In most cases, if you reset your box, there's a chance the map will load properly next time. While we can't create a fix that will alleviate what might ultimately be a hardware related problem, we can hopefully make it so you won't have to reboot upon a map failure before you play another game. This issue is being investigated."

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(Sunday 14 November 2004 19:53 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )


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