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Week of January 2, 2005
SpiderChip v1.1 Info and USB Programmer
>> From spiderchip.com:
* The new Spiderchips v1.1 are on their way to your favorite retailer.
IMPORTANT: Few wires are inverted, so there is no more crossover.
-The wires are stronger.
-The screw is bigger, longer and fits perfectly.
-The connector on the chip is flat, so there is no way to break it when you pull the switch cable.

* The Spiderchip USB Programmer will be available soon.
It will come as a small discreet external board, extension of the programming port of the spiderchip. This Spiderchip add-on will allow users to reprogram their chip as much as they want, without the need of opening their Xbox.

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(Saturday 08 January 2005 21:04 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Gentoox Sparkle v1.4, Resctoox v1.2 + Manuals Pro v1.5/MCE v1.1 + More ...
>> From gentoox.shallax.com:
* Gentoox Pro(info) v1.5 and Gentoox Media Center(info) v1.1 manuals online.
In preparation for release, the manuals have been uploaded to here. Go check them out.
So thats two distros down, but I've saved the worst for last *shudders*. Gentoox Home(info) may take quite a bit of time to update :(
*UPDATE* If I ever want to get Home v3.2 released this side of Feb, I'm going to have to skip all the software updates. I'll resolve the virtual/modutils conflicts, but thats it. This was only ever intended to be a maintenance release anyway.
*UPDATE2* Okay, I'm building the final Home v3.2 package now. The previous one all went fine except I forgot to chmod 777 /bin/firstboot which meant I had to start packing it up all over again (which takes about 2 hours!)... but thats the only bug I noticed. So once thats done, I can upload them ALL tomorrow.

* New release: Gentoox Sparkle(info) v1.4
Nothing huge, just updated the kernel to the latest Gentoox kernel in hope that this will make it support large F drives. Also, updated the linuxboot.cfg included with it to the newest syntax.
Download: here

* New release: Gentoox Resctoox(info) v1.2
Another small update. While I'm syncing everything I may as well update this. Resctoox now uses the latest kernel in hope that the large F: support will help someone out ;).
Getting these releases out at this rate is killing me, I just hope I haven't added any bugs. If people could please check them out for me I'd be very grateful!
...Time to work on Home v3.2.
Download: here

* Further fixes for Xfree
Seems that when you run "emerge -Dup world" it now automatically _"UPGRADES"_ xfree to xorg... thats just wrong! So if you run magic now, it should fix this. For now, this fix will stop xorg from ever being upgraded.

* For people with Native installations and Loader v5.x
You may have noticed that Gentoox doesnt boot correctly. I'm now aware of this issue, and a simple fix is to just run "rm -rf /boot/*". If you're paranoid about this, run "fdisk /dev/hda" and toggle the "active" flag so that ALL partitions are non-active. This should solve your issues.
Note that this will be fixed in Pro v1.5 and Home v3.2.

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GameSpot Rumor Control: Xbox2 Patent and Xbox Live Price
>> Here's GameSpot.com's popular 'Rumor Control' about some news items of this week:
* RUMOR: Microsoft has registered the Xbox Next's central processor with the US Patent and Trademark Office.
* Source: the US Patent and Trademark Office by way of Team Xbox.
* The official story: "We are, simply, not talking about future generation at this time."--Microsoft rep.
* What we heard: Though Microsoft still adamantly refuses to comment on its next-generation console, Team Xbox discovered the company has filed a patent for a "system and method for parallel execution of data generation tasks." The system's diagram (pictured) looks an awful lot like the diagram of the Xbox Next CPU that was allegedly leaked last April. Team Xbox found further proof that the patent--#20040263519, filed on December 30, 2004--was likely for the Xbox Next in the description of how the system worked, which was almost identical to the "procedural synthesis" Microsoft corporate vice president and chief XNA architect J. Allard described in a recent interview. Procedural synthesis will use parallel processors and Microsoft-supplied middleware to create repetitive, three-dimensional environmental objects like trees, freeing up designers to concentrate on gameplay and story. Team Xbox saw this connection as evidence the patent was Xbox Next-related. But, had they looked farther down on the patent description, they would have found definitive proof it was so. There, in black and white, in the "background" portion of the description, is a description of how the patented system will address the "difficulties [that] confront game developers." Subsection four of the background description addresses consoles specifically, saying how the patented system will "transfer of large amounts of data between the processing elements of the game console" (emphasis in the original). So unless Microsoft is planning an extremely revamped version of the current-generation Xbox, this patent shows what's at the core of its next-generation console.
* Bogus or not bogus?: Not Bogus.

* RUMOR: Microsoft is raising Xbox Live subscription rates later this year.
* Source: British Windows-followers ActiveWin.com.
* The official story: "This is a rumor and Microsoft doesn't comment on rumors"--Microsoft rep.
* What we heard: In what they claim is an exclusive scoop, ActiveWin claims to have gotten hold of the new pricing scheme for Xbox Live…in the UK. According to the site, prices will go up later this year to GBP 65 ($122), with a variety of increased surcharges for changing your gamertag ($4.68), entering tournaments ($4.68), and file sharing ($6.55). Presumably, the price hikes would be mirrored in the US. However, when queried by GameSpot, sources close to the Xbox Live team were quick to shoot down the article. According to said sources, Microsoft has been merely doing "pricing research" in the UK, and no increases are on the horizon. However, with Xbox Live traffic surging thanks to the Halo 2 phenomenon--6.5 million copies sold and counting-Microsoft will eventually raise prices.
* Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus for now, but prices will go up eventually.

Read more 'rumor control' on gamespot.com ... there's also one about a portable version of Halo for ... the Gizmondo handheld console.

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(Saturday 08 January 2005 00:28 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

W.I.P. Gentoox MCE v1.1, Pro v1.5 and Home v3.2
>> From ShALLaX on gentoox.shallax.com:
Right then, after a day of hacking away at scripts... I have a linuxboot.cfg parser written in bash! I wrote most of it on checkout receipt paper at work (yes, work is that boring!)... and it all seems to work. It's made its way into xbvset and MCE's videoselect.
For you hackers out there that edit the standard Gentoox linuxboot.cfg entries. Click here to see how your entry should look.

As the news topic says, Gentoox Media Center(info) is finished. I've tested it as best as I can and it all seems to work fine with the new Gentoox Loader(info) which is very good news indeed. So thats MCE v1.1 out of the way, now I need to work on Gentoox Pro(info) v1.5 and Gentoox Home(info) v3.2. Depending on time constraints, I'll try and run a full world update on them so they're nice and refreshed (this will also flush out a nasty issue to do with virtual/modutils which has been plaguing newbies lately). I'm not going to release MCE yet, in fact... don't _expect_ anything until Monday when I'll be back at University with their lovely JANET connection. Stay tuned.
Oh and I should point out that MCE 1.0 is totally uncompatible with the new Loader... so your choice is either to stay as you are with v1.0... or upgrade. This also makes Friendtech Media Center(info) obsolete as it will no longer function with Gentoox installed.

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(Saturday 08 January 2005 00:02 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Xbox 2 for $400, Next Gen. Games +$10?
>> From CNN.com:
Price: There's little doubt that gaming in the next cycle is going to be more expensive. At least one major publisher (Activision) has gone on record saying it plans to increase wholesale prices on its AAA games. Others will likely follow its lead. That will probably result in retail prices jumping $5 to $10 per title.

Will hardware prices follow that trend? At least one analyst believes so. Tony Gikas of Piper Jaffray said in a recent note he expects the Xbox 2 to break beyond the traditional launch price for new consoles, which has stood at $299.
"We think Microsoft will price its next generation system at or above $300 for the base model," wrote Gikas. "We also think there will be a model that includes accessories or network devices that could price as high as $350-$400/system."

The article also discusses whether or not the Xbox Next will have a HD and if it will be backward compatible with the current Xbox.
Read the whole article on CNN.com.

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(Friday 07 January 2005 16:20 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

EA and VU Games Joins Blu-ray Disc Association
>> From TeamXbox.com:
The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) announced that Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) and Electronic Arts has joined the association. VU Games' membership further strengthens the already overwhelming support for the Blu-ray Disc format among the world's leading gaming, CE, PC and entertainment companies.
Blu-ray Disc is a next-generation optical disc format being developed for high-definition video and high-capacity software applications. A single-layer Blu-ray Disc will hold up to 25 gigabytes of data and a double-layer disc will hold up to 50 GB.

Read the whole story on teamxbox.com and bbc.co.uk
Blu-ray Disc (Sony) and HD-DVD (Toshiba and NEC) are the two competiting next generation high definition DVD formats - it's unknown yet which one Microsoft will support in the Xbox2 (if any).

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(Friday 07 January 2005 12:02 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Gentoox Loader v5.1
>> A new version of Gentoox Loader(info) has been released. From gentoox.shallax.com:
Fixed a couple of things I wasnt happy with, such as the CD sensing routine... and now (by popular demand) fully native booting is supported! I also wasn't too happy about the whole "no icons until you move the xpad" thing... so I changed that too.
To quote the source directly:
// These are ordered in such a way that you get either
// CDROM, FatX, Native | Advanced (Gentoox + MCE)
// CDROM, Native, Advanced (MCE Only)
// CDROM, FatX, Advanced (Gentoox only)
// Where '|' is a new page. This seems the neatest way of doing it.

Now I need to get my act together and re-release all the distros!

Official Site: http://gentoox.shallax.com
Download: here

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(Friday 07 January 2005 10:56 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Xecuter Xapt3r Sample
>> Here are some pictures of the Xecuter Xapt3r Solderless Adapter we received from divineo.com/divineo.co.uk/divineo.cn.
The Xapt3r is a 'no-solder' adapter for the Xecuter3(CE) modchip (with the additional row of LPC pogopins the X3 requires), but it will also work with the Xecuter 2.6(CE). The adapter will allow you to install these modchips without requiring any soldering on Xbox v1.0 - v1.5. It uses pogopins for all the LPC points and a springwire for the 'D0' point.
The adapter is a well-designed new plastic mold with several blue LEDs inside that will shine when your xbox is powered.
The Xapt3r is not using a simple screw, but a 2-parts screw instead. So basicly you first screw part1 in the motherboard hole near the LPC points, then you can already fit the Xapt3r onto the pin of part1 and this will still give you enough room to move the adapter and put the LPC pogos and springwire on the right place. When that's done you can screw the 2nd part that will very firmly fix the Xapt3r - so it won't move and stay stable.
You also get 'rivets' in the package, that you can optionally put inside the LPC points prior installation - it will result in better contact between the LPC points and Xapt3r pogopins.
A more detailed review about this adapter will follow soon.

More Pictures:
* Xapt3r in its package (High Definition)
* Top view of the Xapt3r (High Definition)
* Bottom view of the Xapt3r (High Definition)

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(Friday 07 January 2005 00:01 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Ch2r v0.9.2
>> A new version of Ch2r(info) - an open source Halo 2 editor - has been released.
What's new/fixed:
* Changed: Sounds are fixed
* Added: Menus and a toolbar
* Added: More error handling
* Fixed: Bitmap bug
* Added: Global find shortcut Ctrl+F

Official Site: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ch2r/
Download: here
News-Source: halomods.com

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(Thursday 06 January 2005 22:21 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Gentoox Loader v5.0
>> From ShALLaX gentoox.shallax.com:
Here it is, Gentoox Loader(info) v5.0. This should be directly interchangeable with your existing loader, though to get the most out of it, you will need to run magic (i.e. Sparkle will not be accessible until you do so!).
So I finally decided to upgrade Gentoox loader (yes, it really is one of those dreaded tasks - especially since so much has changed in Cromwell(info) since my last release). The most visible change will be... the whole thing ;) What I mean by that is, the menu system has changed drastically. This is thanks to the tireless effort of dmp who really has been working constantly on cromwell for the past couple of months to implement this new menu system... hats off to him, it really is amazing! What you get now is instead of separate icons for each kernel, they are grouped by a single icon which opens a text menu for the individual entries. So now, you select "Gentoox", then a menu appears with "Gentoox" then "Sparkle", you select from there which one you want to boot. As usual, you can wait for a timeout and Gentoox will boot as the default. Another nifty feature (not sure who implemented it, but its something I had to implement myself in each Gentoox Loader release) is SILENT_MODE which gets rid of nearly all verbosity and even the icon menu so you just sit back and wait for it to boot without any ugliness! This version also sees the introduction of an "Advanced" menu item which opens up a configuration menu. For now, you can change your video mode from Gentoox loader (Pal, NTSC-US, NTSC-Japan) and you can get HDD information as well as locking/ unlocking your HDD. There is also the option of rebooting your Xbox and even powering off. Again, these features were implemented by dmp.

Good things come at a price, it seems. The linuxboot.cfg parser was changed (for the better) but it breaks compatibility. In order to cope with multiple entries, the syntax of the configuration file had to be changed which breaks compatibility with older Gentoox Loader/ Cromwell versions. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that everyone upgrades via magic.
Another issue will be with Gentoox Media Center(info). MCE will need integrating into the new BIOS... and I'm not sure how I'm going to go about this. People have been ranting about wanting MCE to be installable on game partitions, and I think this _may_ be the way I'm going to go. Undecided on that for now. For now, MCE will still work as normal, but I strongly suggest you DONT install Gentoox along side MCE. If you do install Gentoox with MCE, DO NOT RUN MAGIC OR IT WILL _TOTALLY_ BREAK BOTH MCE AND GENTOOX!
Because of this radical change in linuxboot.cfg parsing, I will be making new releases of each distro as soon as time permits to help avoid any compatibility problems.

What's new/fixed:
* Text menus.
* New background.
* Separate binaries for Xbox v1.0-1.6 and v1.6b.
* Multiple kernel support.
* TV format selection.
* HDD Lock/ Unlock.

Okay, I've tested magic with the new Gentoox Loader and it seems to work. You should all run magic now... and remember, REPORT BACK! I need to know if it works ... or if it doesnt.

Official Site: http://gentoox.shallax.com
Download: here

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(Thursday 06 January 2005 19:41 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

On The Ninth Day Of Christmas...Team Xodus Gave To Me
>> From TeamXodus.com:
NINE LCD’S DANCING, Eight Skryers Skrying, Seven points a-posting, Six great a-wards, Fiiiiive brand new skiiiiins, Four more features..., Three French pens, Two cool features and a lot of bug fixes in the source tree.

Well it seems we have stirred things up again in various quarters around the scene. Nothing like a bit of hard factual information to get things moving is there? Firstly, a small explanation as to the reasons for our recent silence:
No we were not drunk, bumping into this celeb or that, we were working hard to get promised features out with tangible evidence for you. There are a number of reasons why we have delayed our posts. Other than the one given above, we also realized that the exposure and impact levels over the festive season and New Year were significantly lower than at other times since many of you were celebrating and visiting with family. We therefore decided to hold a little to let everyone get back into the swing of things again. Another major reason for silence was the impact the devastating Tsunamis had on us as a team and the world in general. We felt that light banter and stuff were not exactly what was appropriate at the time. In fact we, as a team, have decided to contribute to the devastated region. Xbox-Scene has a great list of good organizations to donate to, and we encourage all our users, and fans to donate to one of them. Any help you can provide will go along way to helping to stablize and normalize the region once again. Click here to contribute

Now on to our news for today…
2005 has just started, and its already clear that the competition is scurrying around trying to second guess what we are up to. They are obviously rattled by our successes, and by what we’ve managed to achieve yet again.
Our recent Skryer announcement has caused the expected questions, criticism and of course competitive bashing that we expected. Comments in their own forums lead us to believe that they really dont know what we are up to, and would rather guess publicly, and wrongly what our plans are.
We won’t be guessing what they are doing. We dont need to. We have a plan, the people to work that plan, and a great premium product on which to base it.
2004 taught us many lessons, and one of them is our New Years resolution, to not blindly bash and criticize without facts, rather, we have chosen to focus more on delivering tangible results through quality products for our consumers.
More importantly, we learned that we have a premium product that has proven itself time and again, and as such we need to market and deliver premium quality support, PR, service and results. It is as simple as that.

The main question we have been asked over the past few days is:
“What is Skryer?”
It is an add on module that offers support for multiple types of LCD displays…and… Much much more………read on
1. First Graphic LCD for the Xbox:
Skryer, together with our custom screen (as per video preview) offers full graphic support. ie you are now no longer limited to simple 4x20 character displays.
2. Digital Contrast Control:
NO MANUAL POT. No need to open up your box every three weeks to manually change the contrast setting. The FIRST digitally controlled contrast control (and with non volatile memory) Just press a button on your joypad and you are done.
3. Brightness control:
Change the brightness of you LCD. Again, all done through software.(also non volatile)
4. MULTI VIEW (Multi-plexing):
Allows you to daisy chain more than one Skryer at a time. Multi view allows individual control of each graphic or character LCD display. Now you can scroll text (or graphics : -) ) across all multiple screens as well as the ability to display in simultaneous mode on multiple screens of similar type. How cool is that?
5. Custom SPI multi-plexing protocol.
Of course all the above features will be possible by using our newly developed and soon to be published SPI multi-plexing protocol.
6. Fully solderless install: (with graphic and EPA units)
7. Dip fit:
Now offers you the option of connecting solderlessly the EPA range of units. (Another first I would say)
8. Customizable full parallel LCD port :
This port is designed to fit the majority of LCD units on the market today, ofcource still making use of our digital contrast and brightness engines. This port is customizable, 3,3 volt or 5v selectable as well as backlight LED current limiting resistor.
9. CPLD based:
So the attacks about speed etc are completely and utterly unfounded and inaccurate. (as usual).

That should clarify things a little for many of you. We are sure you will agree that our dedication to premium products and our desire to innovate and lead has now put us clearly ahead of competition. That is what premium products are all about is it not?
Look into the future. Welcome to Skryer.

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(Thursday 06 January 2005 18:50 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Yoshihiro debug bios 256k Kernel 2005
>> Yoshihiro released a new modified 256KB bios. There's a version for Xbox v1.0-1.5 and one for Xbox v1.6/v1.6b. It's based on the debug bios, so developers can use it if they have the XDK installed, but the bios can be used as normal 'hacked bios' too: it will run all homebrew/retail code and it can boot-up to homebrew dash directly.
What's new/fixed (since kernel build 2004):
* Now also a version of Xbox v1.0-v1.5
* Added dashboards in the booting code. If XDK is installed, it will boot the XDK dash. If not, the new dash booting order is:
* Fixed code for Xcalibur videochip. Some games had encrypted video in PAL mode and black screen in NTSC
* Fixed problem that some retail games didn't boot
* If you press eject button during booting animation, bios will boot BFM bios located on E:\\biosbfm\\xboxrom.bin
* All eeprom keys, retail key and debug key are embeded in the bios. This is compatible with all xbox versions.
* LBA48 code removed because code was not compatible with the EvoX M8 LBA48
* Note: a HDD formated with XBpartitioner(info) is not compatible with this bios.
* Bios is tested successfully with all video encoders.
* Bios is tested successfully in PALI , PAL60 , NTSC/J and NTSC/U mode.
* Bios is tested successfully with Svideo cable.
* HDTV should work, but has not been tested.

Official Site: http://www.yoshihiro-dev.com
Download: n/a (contains MS copyrighted code)

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(Thursday 06 January 2005 15:58 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Gates' CES Keynote and CNet Interview about Xbox2
>> "Where I will be totally coy is any specifics about the next generation of Xbox," Gates said during his CES 2005 keynote. But here's what he said about the current generation Xbox. From prnewswire.com:
Xbox Leading the Way in Interactive Entertainment
Strong momentum for the Xbox system, with industry-leading sales for the 2004 holiday season, and expected sales of more than 20 million consoles by July 2005.
Gates noted the continued momentum around Xbox and the Xbox Live service, announcing the industry-leading sales of the Xbox console for the critical 2004 holiday season in the United States, garnering a projected 40 percent market share for the months of November and December. The much-anticipated "Halo 2" title, launched Nov. 9, has sold more than 6.3 million copies to date, surpassing the sales to date of the first "Halo" title. "Halo 2"'s opening-day revenue of $125 million in the United States and Canada surpassed the biggest opening weekend in box-office history, for "Spiderman," which generated just under $115 million. The hot Xbox role- playing game title "Fable" also broke the 1 million sales mark in only two months.
Xbox Live experienced the highest activity levels ever, with more than 1 million unique users playing on the service and "Halo 2" gamers spending a record-breaking 69 million hours on the service to date - more than any other Xbox Live game.
Gates outlined three major trends driving the gaming phenomenon today: HDTV, ubiquitous broadband and wireless connectivity, and rich personalization. To demonstrate the latter point, he joined O'Brien to play "Forza Motorsport(TM)," an auto racing game from Microsoft Game Studios scheduled to launch in April 2005. Gates and O'Brien raced through Manhattan in customized cars, showing off the title's immersive, engaging gaming experiences -- and their lack of online driving skills.
Read the whole article on prnewswire.com.
On a side note, engadget.com, who posted a 'real-time overview' of the keynote/presentation, reports Bill & Conan got a 'Blue Screen of Death' while playing Forza Motorsport on Xbox ;)

Gates also talked with CNet news.com, where he was a little more chatty about the Xbox2 and also confirm there are no plans for a handheld console at this moment - here's an excerpt:
* What are some of the primary goals with Xbox 2?
Broadening the market, having media capabilities that when there's a PC, we connect up to that. This whole story of the Windows Media Connect and how all the formats and rights management and that simple Media Center menu that's just got TV, photos, music right there--those are common elements we're bringing to all the home devices.
We didn't do Xbox just to do a video game; we did it to be part of our vision of the digital lifestyle, and with the next generation, we really get to go there. In the first generation, we had one simple goal, which was to establish credibility as a great video game platform. We've done that. Actually, the last few months in the United States, we outsold Sony with the PlayStation. So even though they have the biggest installed base, we are a very strong, credible No. 2 in that. As we go into this next generation, it's much broader.
Yes, great video gaming but videogaming for a broader set of people, more communications, more media, more connectivity. And at the same time, we move up to things like high-definition graphics and wireless that the chip breakthroughs allow us to get to.
So just for the games alone you'd go, wow, but the concept now of bringing in your music, your media, connecting to the PC, connecting Xbox Live to Messenger--that just makes it a very big deal.

* It's a full entertainment center, basically.
That's right. So Media Center PC and Xbox become totally complementary. You've seen a bit of that, where we let you take music from PCs and put it into game titles, and we have this extender concept where the Media Center can project through the Xbox, but that's just the start of what we can do there.

* One thing that's kind of intriguing in Xbox 2 is you're participating a little more on the design of the silicon.
Well, we have some key partners that we've announced. ATI and IBM are the key chip partners, and there are some others. But I'd say our sophistication is much higher in this second generation. So every level, what we're doing in tools, what we're doing in Live, the way we're working with the publishers, the way that we've gotten involved in the hardware design--we're being very coy about when and all that, but I'm certainly excited when it comes time to show at how much smarter we are getting to do it a second time with the team that's been built there.

* Any interest in handhelds?
We are not in the handheld space. We watch the intense competition of Sony, Nintendo, Nokia--whoever comes along with interest. Our portable gaming will be focused on things like getting onto the phones, getting onto portable PCs, but our Xbox team is focused on the TV-connected console. And the fact that Sony's a little distracted with that may let us do all the better in the next generation.
Read the whole intreview on news.com.

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(Wednesday 05 January 2005 23:55 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Gentoo: Xfree and Fixed GDM patch
>> From ShALLaX on gentoox.shallax.com:
* Gentoo have just deleted Xfree from the portage repository... this is a rather poor and hasty decision in my opinion since there are NO proper Xbox drivers for the alternative servers at this time. Needless to say, the removal of Xfree totally breaks Gentoox.
Luckily, Sull brought this deletion to my attention and I managed to backup the ebuilds before I sync'ed again. Upon running magic, a new portage overlay directory will be made and the Xfree ebuilds will be downloaded to it and configured. This means that Gentoox should operate as normal and Xfree integration should be seamless.
Once there are proper x.org drivers for the Xbox, it will be implemented. Until then, this is the only way.

* GDM should now install properly again.

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(Wednesday 05 January 2005 19:52 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

AllXBoxSkins.com News
>> From koldfuzion on allxboxskins.com
Xenium OS(info) Skin section added!
Xenium OS now supports a dynamic skinning system and its our duty to support them. Supported file formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and XPM at 640 x 480 pixels. Accompanying the images must be a skin.cfg, all of which get placed in E:\XeniumOS\Skins\
For a set of example skins to use as templates, click here to download XeniumOSSkinsPack1

I'm sure a few talented skinners can send us some XOS skins right? We will be waiting. :)

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(Wednesday 05 January 2005 19:15 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

SmartXX OS Build 3333
>> Team SmartXX released a new version of SmartXX-OS(info).
What's new/fixed:
* Supports now Smartxx V1/V2 and OPX chip
* Fixes format problem
* Some fixes in Xcalibur video (v1.6 Xbox)

Official Site: http://www.smartxx.com
Download BIN-version: here
Download ISO-version: here

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(Wednesday 05 January 2005 08:22 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

dyne:bolic v1.4
>> A new version of dyne:bolic(info) - a Xbox/PC live bootable cd Linux distro - has been released:
Here we go with version 1.4 codename LUMUMBA, read the full announcement and download the torrent, everyone is encouraged to upgrade to this release which runs on all Xbox models, fixes modem dialup and upgrades most applications to complete the range of multimedia functionalities offered by dyne:bolic, with even more speed and more devices supported.

What's new/fixed:
* Pure Data equipped with all major extensions: PDP, PiDiP, RRadical, grid, pique, bonk, choice, fiddle, freeverb, zexy, GEM-0.90, OSC and more (10x to Aymeric, Derek, Frank, Yves, Tom and PD!)
* Blender-2.33a + Yafray-0.0.7 + Python game engine
* LiVES 0.9.1 with Ogg/Theora and _many_ other codecs!
* FreeJ-0.7.1 "BIKO" - RASTASOFTWARE! console remote controller (VJ over Ethernet) and Procedural Video Scripting: evolution from NLE systems
* updated Linux 2.4.26, Alsa, OpenMosix and SquashFS-2.1 with improved efficience and wider device support including Zoran devices and most video boards
* Xbox support up to recent versions and cromwell bios
* Python is included with GUI extensions
* Fix to modem connection, now fully functional
* new software: Jamin-0.8, InkScape-0.39, poedit-1.2.5, KPhone-4.0.2, TimeMachine-0.2.4, tftp-hpa-0.38, Bomb-1.26, Pure-Ftpd-1.0.20, mlDonkey-2.5.22, Circle-0.41c, Aqualung-0.9b2, FLAC-1.1, iftop-0.17p1, Emacs-21.3, Seq24-0.5.2, Thunderbird-1.0, Chestnut-dialer-0.1, libtheora-1.0a4
* Mobilemesh wireless adaptive routing daemon see /usr/mobilemesh (10x to Elektra)
* updated software: FreeJ-0.7.1, MuSE-0.9.1, ImageMagick-6, LADSPA, Jack-0.98.1, Blender-2.33a, Cinelerra-1.2.1, Gaim-1.0, GQview-1.4.3, isolinux 2.10, GEM-0.90, pd-0.37-4, Audacity-1.2.2, LiVES-0.9.1, BlueFish-0.13, EffecTV-0.3.9, MPlayer-1.0pre5, QJackCtl-0.2.10, Hydrogen-0.9, SDL-1.2.7, png-1.2.7, Xfe-0.72, libFOX-1.2.9, Firefox-1.0, Rezound-0.11.1beta, ogg-1.1.1, vorbis-1.0.1, Hydrogen-0.9.1, mjpegtools-1.6.2
* new games: Eboard, Racer and Eat The Whistle! tk-solitaire and Starfighter-1.1.1 plus the juicy updates for Wesnoth-0.8.6
* more documentation in the dynebolic user's manual
* lectrobrain :: thk03

Official Site: http://dynebolic.dyne.org
Download (610MB): here
News-Source: eurasia.nu

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(Wednesday 05 January 2005 00:00 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

New Patent Approved For Microsoft Tells More About Xbox2 ?
>> From TeamXbox.com:
Today, we are bringing you a detailed analysis of a recent patent application made by Microsoft, which was approved on December 30th by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
The patent not only exposes a real-life implementation of this “procedural synthesis” technique (special programs that create realistic bricks, trees, and other environmental objects, leveraging game artists from spending long hours creating repetitive geometry) but also corroborates some of the leaked Xbox 2 specs.
The patent relates to a “System and method for parallel execution of data generation tasks,” which in layman terms refers to specialized hardware that uses different processing units to simultaneously perform a series of tasks. The system described in the patent can be implemented on any kind of platform and the document mentions both the PC and Microsoft’s Xbox as examples.
To our surprise, the first drawing in the patent looks almost identical to some of the leaked Xbox 2 schematics that were released last year.

After reading the whole patent and analyzing the drawings, we have no doubt this new invention will be implemented in some form in the next Xbox.

Go read the full analysis on TeamXbox.com, the patent application is available on uspto.gov

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(Tuesday 04 January 2005 20:17 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

More Xbox2 Rumors
>> Alex Abrecht (ex techTV/The Screen Savers) posted some info about the Xbox2 on his blog he claims to have from a Microsoft employee. Just take this news as what it is: a rumor.
Here are the facts I found out:
1) Hard Drive... Yes! There was some speculation that MS was going to take the HD out to make it more difficult to mod.
2) Flash based HD... Yes! It was told to me that the HD was going to be flash based... small size fast access... BAM!
3) No Stupid Dongle DVD playback... Yes! The reason that the first Xbox didn't have built in DVD playback is a simple one, Sony owns the intellectual property rights for DVD playback. Nuff said...
4) Xbox2 at E3... Hell Yes! There will be an Xbox II maybe more at E3 this year...
5) Xbox2 release date announced at E3... another Hell Yes!! MS will be announcing a release date for Xbox2...

News-Source: alexalbrecht.typepad.com / engadget.com
Thanks to leslie for the link.

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(Tuesday 04 January 2005 15:28 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Xbox 2 announcement looks unlikely as CES looms
>> From GamesIndustry.biz:
Although it's likely that Gates will at least mention Xbox 2 - due for launch before the end of 2005 - during the CES keynote speech, it's not expected that he'll confirm any unrevealed details about the system or show off any hardware.
The likely venue for more information about Xbox 2 to be announced now looks like being the Game Developers Conference - which we mention with a sense of deja vu, since an announcement Xbox 2 was expected there last year as well, but ultimately turned out to be the launch of the XNA development platform instead.

Read the whole story on GamesIndustry.biz.

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(Tuesday 04 January 2005 13:35 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Update About Upcoming Xecuter Products
>> From teamxecuter.com:
First of all Happy New Year to the Xbox Scene. Apologies for no real updates over the Holiday period but there was no one available to do anything as we were either too drunk, in locations with no net connection or celebrating with our families.
One accidental meeting of hilarious and unbelievably coincedental proportions happened on the Las Vegas strip outside the New York New York hotel on New Years Eve. One of Xecuter's core developers was happily bouncing along in a drunken state after hanging out with Mariah Carey at some VIP party at Ceasers Palace (I swear to god its true we've seen the pictures), who does he bump into - who also happened to be in an absolutley pissed drunk state we might add - but Andrew "Bunnie" Huang! After our guy recognized him and introduced himself the shock of the occasion was quite momentous and apparently hilarious - we've seen group pics of this too. Greets to Bunnie and Caustik - you guys rock :-)

A few things that we need to catch up on:

* X3 Logo Contest.
We should have picked a winner on December 20th but we didn't. No lies or excuses but we simply forgot. We were kindly reminded today so after a couple of "DOH's" and "Great Oden's Raven's!" we picked one.
We are happy to announce that "BooKahKee" is the winner (or for iriez: WINNAR) with "Zenith - Green". You can download / view the file by clicking HERE
Congratulations to BooKahKee - your X3 Control Panel will be on its way to you shortly. Please contact the admin at allxboxskins.com with your address and we will get it posted to you asap.
There were many many great entries (328 in all) and it wasn't an easy choice. If you wish to view all the entries please visit www.allxboxskins.com

* Regarding the X3 Control Panel the factory tells me that they have made a couple of adjustments to the mould so that the users who have bought the X3LCD seperatley can also buy a version of the X3CP without the LCD screen and easily install it themselves. We hope to be shipping out this month, a little over schedule but since when have we been on time with anything?
We should be rolling with the black / crystal and green versions all at the same time - we will have some photos of the latest version and also of factory production - just for those who scream vaporware every time we work on something new.

* We will also start shipping the green version of the X3 Pro Switch shortly - here is a picture for those that want a peak.

* The latest X3 Bios development is also under way again after our Christmas and New Years break. The main feature we told you about is 100% finished, we are tweaking some of the additional features as there is a small memory leak and also we are finishing the script of a filesystem format that wasn't quite working correctly before Christmas. We could release a version now but would rather wait until everything we wanted to add fully working is doing just that. It's coming so don't flip out on the forums ok ? Wink

* The latest X2 Bios should also be released around the same time.

* The X3CE has also started to ship to resellers. Basic differences are similar to the X2.6CE - a better connector of the alt 5v point as per requested by our users, a 90 degree angle IO socket for easier install / positioning of the No Solder X3LCD screen as per requested by our users (you ask, we apply), a different design flash protect switch now with LED to give a batter indication of flash protect status, better layout of the I/O solder positions / points and also the different colors that correspond with the current CE design (white front, red back). There is no functionaility difference to the original X3 - it is simply a couple of tweeks to the hardware layout - the original X3 (Purple PCB) will function exactley the same if you have bought one of those so don't worry if you have the opriginal version it's general functionality is the same. Here are some pictures:

More Pictures:
* Top view X3CE
* Back view X3CE
* X3CE installed with Xapt3r
* Flashprotection status-led on chip
* X3CE output compared to X3 output

All of the above is being actioned for January 2005. We will announce further products in development once everything above is running smoothly. We are happy to see others have picked up on some of our current work with pixel graphic displays, however we can assure you that our (NO SOLDER) version won't be as mind numbingly slow and a hell of a lot cheaper too.
On the 10th day after Christmas, Team Xecuter gave to me...... etc etc

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(Tuesday 04 January 2005 10:40 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

IGNXbox Predicts the Future
>> IGN Xbox posted part1 of an article with some 'predictions' for 2005.
Here an excerpt of the article:
* Microsoft Drops Xbox Price at E3
Pretty much a no-brainer, this one. In its fourth year as a console manufacturer, Microsoft looks at its calendar 2005 with two potential goals in mind: 1) To continue its support for the second-place Xbox, and 2) to commence the hype for Xbox 2. Although it's not written in stone in the "Rules of How to Handle a Console for Dummies" manual, anyone who's casually glanced at the history of consoles knows that price drops are inevitable. It happens once or twice a year, and in 2005 you can rest assured that the house that Bill Built will lower the price of its Xbox from $149.99 to $99.99, almost assuredly at E3 in May. This lower price opens the system's availability to newcomers, less financially able folks, and to fence-sitters who wait for the price of everything to drop.

* Expect Lots of Delays
Close to half of all games due by April 2005 will be delayed at least two months. Forza has already been delayed to April and may be pushed further out. DOOM 3 seems almost destined for another set-back. The more that games rely on Xbox Live, the tougher it becomes to pass certification as Xbox Live standards are surprisingly high. Looking at the Xbox release list, with so many great games coming so soon, it seems too good to be true. It is.

* No Xboy in 2005
The long-rumored Microsoft handheld won't be announced or make an appearance in 2005. With Xbox 2 the hot topic for the year, Microsoft can't split exposure with a handheld launch. Just because there's silence from MS on the "Xboy," however, doesn't mean it's not going to become reality. For years, sources inside Microsoft have suggested that the company is seriously considering the handheld market. Some joked that "We have a handheld -- it's called the Pocket PC." The fact remains that creating the ultimate gaming handheld would help Microsoft in the long term. The Xboy, though hopefully with a much snazzier name, will happen in 2006 or 2007 with extensive interactivity with Xbox 2.

Other 'headlines' are: "Half-Life 2 Comes to Xbox 2" , "EA Bails on Ubisoft, Buys EUROPE" , "Visual Concepts Releases ESPN Football 2K6" , "EA Spurned by MLB"
Read the whole article on xbox.ign.com

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(Tuesday 04 January 2005 00:23 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Guide for XLink Kai in XboxMediaCenter
>> From dfunked from teamxlink.co.uk released a guide on how to setup and use XLink Kai(info) directly in XboxMediaCenter(info):
Well it was about time I finished this - it's been sitting here unfinished for over a month now.

If there are updates, you can grab it from the downloads page or you can just grab the current revision now from here.
Note: Please read the disclaimer!

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(Monday 03 January 2005 22:27 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

JVC Develops Dual Format DVD/Blu-ray Disc
>> From TeamXbox.com:
JVC announced that it has developed the world’s first Blu-ray/DVD combo ROM disc technology, which enables storage of video content in both high definition and standard definition. The new ROM disc, which has a total storage capacity of 33.5GB, uses a triple layer structure made possible by JVC’s development of a proprietary, high-performance reflective film.
The development of the Blu-ray/DVD combo ROM disc opens the way for the emergence of video releases containing content in both Blu-ray and DVD formats on a single disc. Users can purchase a single disc that can be reproduced at high definition BD video quality on a large screen home theater system, or play back the disc at standard definition DVD video quality on a smaller TV set, a home PC or laptop computer. Users that do not have a Blu-ray disc player can view the video content at standard definition using their current DVD player, and enjoy the same content at high definition resolution when upgrading to a Blu-ray disc player in the future.

Read the whole story on TeamXbox.com.
Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD are the two competiting next generation high definition DVD formats - it's unknown yet which one Microsoft will support in the Xbox2 (if any).

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(Monday 03 January 2005 21:49 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Ch2r v0.9.1
>> A new version of Ch2r(info) - an open source Halo 2 editor - has been released.
What's new/fixed:
* Changed: Back to default xp layout.
* Added: Treeview to fast browse between folders.
* Added/Changed lots of icons.
* Added: Old bitmap control when you double-click on bitmap.
* Changed: Bitmap preview keeps aspect ratio.
* Added: Support for bitmaps with odd sizes. (thx to Iron Forge)
* Added: Support for multiple bitmaps.
* Added: Sound support. (broken at the moment)
* Removed: Changing map files to open with Ch2r in setup.
* Changed: Default view to details

Official Site: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ch2r/
Download: here
News-Source: xbins.org and halomods.com

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(Monday 03 January 2005 10:33 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

user.interface.x v00.01.00 *updated*
>> From readme/nfo/website:
It's about friggin time - I mean - it's with great pleasure we present to you the 1st official release of the user.interface.x dashboard. This is as basic, yet functionally complete as one could need. This will most likely be the 1st and last release using anything from the original Microsoft dashboard, all future releases will be completely our original material, from the scripts to the meshes and everything in between.
Listed below in the readme file are the new scriptable functions and objects now at your disposal, as well as descriptions/samples of each. They were made to be as simple as possible to use so you should have very little heartache implimenting them into your work.
This release includes our last Microsoft menu to replace the very used up drop down style hard drive menus. We now give you one you have been waiting for since day 1... the memory menu. This is a user.interface.x exclusive, as is the brand new file manager :)
Network runs on either static or dchp and yes - you can ftp while watching on movie on the dongle free dvd player. Config is fully handled in the settings menu, but for those of you who like editing files, everything is in a simple ini in system folder, there you can set your paths and names for menu listings as well as toggle the other goodies in there.

This dash is released in two separate parts to make future updates easier and a much smaller download (+-7mb compared to 40+)
* Part One: xx.xx.xx.user.interface.x.dash.rar
this is the dash core, the smaller of the two and the one we will update
* Part Two: xx.xx.xx.user.interface.x.dash.audio.&.fonts.rar
this is the contents of the audio and fonts folders, audio will not need updating unless you use custom sounds, fonts should never need updating

Recent Functions and Features:
* Returned dpad to it's original functionality until such time as the extra controls are actually needed. also made Start and Back buttons no longer the same as A and B. Now OnStartDown, OnStartUp, OnBackDown, and OnBackUp can be used. by default they are scripted as music volume up(OnBackDown)/down(OnStartDown), and yes they repeat while holding the button
* Added ability to make individual meshes render in wireframe... simple add 'wireFrame true' to the mesh DEF, default is false
* Added launch and format back to ftp commands as well...
* Added use of cache for menu items. added in save dir/cache. they're out of the way cuz there should be no need for an enduser to touch them. cache is created on first boot of uix and then all menu loads will be done from cache until a refresh (RefreshCache()) is called. this cuts the boot time down tremendously :)
* Added to Config object a skin change function (ChangeSkin()). will reload all colors from new skin ini in realtime :)
* Changed theHardDrive.GetThisFileSize( "*:\path\file.ext" ); to return file sizes in bytes.
* New functions for "Settings" file: SetIniSection, SetIniValue, GetIniValue.

Archived Functions and Features:
* Scriptable functions for screen (TakeScreenShot, WireFrameStart/Stop, MotionStart/Stop).
* More flexable use of theTranslator, new dir in app dir "Languages" containing .dat's (ini's) of all translatable vocabulary - max # of translatable entries is 1000.
* Scriptable auto off time: SetAutoOffTime.
* Scriptable power off and reboot: Reset, PowerOff, PowerCycle.
* Scriptable informatives (internal/cpu temperatures, set/get fan speed, set led).
* Scriptable screensaver times for start time, delay 2 time and delay 3 time.
* Scriptable drive commands (open/close tray).
* Separation of all axis/dpad scriptable control.
* New Drive Mappings to follow existing norms.
* New scriptable object "HardDrive" with functions: ExecuteFile, CopyGame, GetFreeSpace, GetTotalSpace, ConvertMBToGB, FileExists, GetThisFileSize, MoveThisFile, MoveThisDirectory, DeleteThisFile, DeleteThisDirectory, CopyThisFile, CopyThisDirectory, RenameThisFile, RenameThisDirectory, CreateThisDirectory, RemoveThisDirectory.
* New scriptable object "TitleMenu" with functions: GetTitlePath, GetTitleID, SetPath, LaunchTitle, GetTitleName, SetMenuName, GetMenuName, titleCount.
* Scriptable networking controls and variables via the XboxNetwork object with functions: StartServices, StopServices, ReStartServices, StartFTPServices, StopFTPServices, ReStartFTPServices, SetXboxIP, SetXboxSubnet, SetXboxGateway, GetXboxIP, GetXboxGateway, GetXboxSubnet, GetLinkStatus, GetLinkType.

You can see screenshots of the new dash on teamuix.com

*UPDATE* U.I.X is now fully compatible with the M8 bios which lifts the restrictions on v1.6 users... the update .xbe has now been released

Official Site: http://www.teamuix.com (IRC: EFnet #teamUIX)
Official Forums: forums.xbox-scene.com (report bugs in this thread)
Full readme file: here
Download: n/a (built with XDK)

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(Monday 03 January 2005 00:47 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

Surreal64xxx 02/01/2005 and FBAxxx 02/01/2005
>> A new version of FBAxxx(info) - an emulator for MC68000/Z80 based arcade machines - has been been released. What's new/fixed:
* Neogeo bug fixed ;).
* Added mappable coin and start button
* Added autofire option
* Update of pnyaad driver
A side note: the cps1 crash bug is not yet corrected, I didn't found the exact problem, sorry.

The FBAxxx Team also released a new version of Surreal64(info) - a Nintendo64 emulator for Xbox. What's new/fixed:
Based on FreakDave V3 version, I had a hard time to make you some config load/save and submenus, but it is done, you can now edit:
* flicker filter
* vertex processing
* soften filter
* texture filter
via the ingame videomenu :)
Note: as I probably won't have much time for now, I hope this will launch the project again and I'm counting on some other ppl to try to add/fix some things on this.

Official Site: http://fbaxxx.fr.st
Download: n/a (built with XDK)
News-Source: xbins.org

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(Sunday 02 January 2005 14:42 EST) - (Category: (default)) - (Posted by:: )

XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) 2005-01-02 CVS build
>> A new CVS compile of XboxMediaCenter(info) has been released.
Changelog (since 2004-11-30 build):
* my music, tag loader thread for playlist
* my music, cache for unscanned directories, to allow faster browsing
* adapted keymap.xml to take full advantage of the media center extender remote
* support for xbox media center extender remote (page+/-, vol+/-)
* [ 1092220 ] Fix an exception for DLL Loader
* aiff audio playback to mplayer
* XLink Kai(info) app specific fail-safe mode, delete kai-vectors.xml in XBMC dir to enable.
* support for multiple subtitles, with language extension ie: filename.eng.sub (needs new mplayer.dll)
* full subtitle/audio translation database for both iso639-1 and iso639-2 language codes
* alternate subtitle support. add a file named subtitle.[langext].[subext] in the alternate subtitle directory, and it will show up as an alternate subtitle for all movies.
* If the <home> tag does not work, XBMC looks in: E:\Apps\XBMC, E:\XBMC, F:\apps\XBMC, F:\xbmc to find it's home dir.
* Auto-detect of F and G. <useFDrive> and <useGdrive> should be no longer needed (and are now ignored)
* Settings option for skin shows all skins, regardless of version. Old version skins (which are incompatible with XBMC) are shown greyed out, and do not load when selected. Message is shown on the bottom of screen.
* Context menu to My Music
* Scan for music info in the background, diabled by default, to enable use settings
* Context menu to my videos.
* Off mode added to LED colour options.
* dialogButtonMenu.xml - currently used as a shutdown menu. id is 111. Assigned to Right Thumb Button.
* [ 1079275 ] Add share locking ability, thanks to slacker.
* New dialog GUIDialogButtonBar for a graphical button bar with optional label
* XBMC.ActivateWindow() can now activate dialogs.
* [ 1063544 ] Full LED Controll within the xbmc GUI, thanks to GeminiServer.
* [ 1067203 ] GUI Contrast Control for Xenium-LCD, thanks to GreenGiant.
* [ 1065952 ] Disable Internet Lookups option, thanks to kraqh3d.
* [ 1081938 ] Updated strings.xml files to single-line format, thanks to slacker.
* Skin language version. Currently set at v1.2. XBMC will not load any skin that doesn't have a <version>1.2</version> tag in it's skin.xml. It will also not allow such skins in the settings spin control. If a current skin is not of the required version on bootup, it will use the default (Project Mayhem) skin, and if this is also not suitable, it will invoke the Fatal Error Handler.
* SF patch for mouse + keyboard in gamecontroller ports
* option to show time as 12 hour clock
* option to swap day and month in home screen
* option to autoshutdown xbox while playing
* extended memory tracking for dll's + added dll tracking for dll's
* [ 917706 ] Extra OSD Info (estimated end time & movie filename)

* Finnish, Polish, Danish, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Korean, French, Romanian, Portuguese (Brazil), German, German (Austrian), Hebrew language file
* SQLite to version 3.0.8, File Format changed, all databases have to be recreated

* scan of the shoutcast top 500 directory was possible using the context menu
* shoutcast top 500, first stream disappears when Hide parent folder items is enabled
* [ 1090394 ] Autoswitch FIX for "ByFiles" type (Thnx to kraqh3d)
* shoutcast playing hangs when cd+g is enabled
* language code expansion didn't work if running as dash
* [ 1087503 ] DVD XBE Title being cached in database.
* Audio cache was always set to 0.
* [ 1089975 ] Hebrew language file broken
* reciever looses ac3/dts sync and gets it again when starting playback
* lock of a share can't be removed if maxretry is set to 0
* locked shares can be added to the playlists
* thumbnailcache broken
* music scanning and reading from database broken (database has to be rescanned)
* incorrect imdb plot due to imdb url changes.
* imdb thumb not always saved due to imdb url changes.
* Button Scroller Mouse bugs
* Video Database bug introduced in the last update(s).
* IMDb changed their site + urls today. XBMC updated to suit.
* serious bug in HTTP requests that result in XBMC ignoring some responses without Content-Length header.
* Crash in Pictures context menu.
* Text glitches in some IMDb lookups
* buttonscroller - some images were shown when they shouldn't have been.
* Some of the timings for the slideshow weren't quite accurate
* Runtime is saved to the video database.
* Password could not be set blank for webserver
* Karaoke background alpha
* Corrupt picture files could cause endless loops in slideshow/picture viewer
* background media scanning was not canceled on shutdown
* modeless dialogs are not rendered when modal dialog is shown
* id3 tag reading broken, when file has no genre
* autoswitch view, last control isn't remembered when pressing B on controller
* Strange pause thing shown during slideshows.
* View as method was loaded incorrectly in Videos->Files.
* Karaoke display should be nicely up to speed again. Not sure about A/V sync (though it stays in sync once set).
* Rendering of dialogs in Full Screen Video.
* 12 hour LCD related crash
* Vis crash + keymap.xml (white button) problem
* center for labelcontrols.
* Couple of issues with the buttonscroller.
* Bug in custom window code (custom windows persisted when changing skins)
* Various bugs found here and there :)
* Various settings screen issues (including http proxy, hopefully!)
* LCD time and date obey the GUI settings.
* Various settings issues (subtitles etc.)
* [ 1080520 ] web interface: unqueing doesn't work - thanks to re.solve + BombrMan
* [ 1069833 ] white no longer triggers osd.
* Issue with autorun videos/music (strings mix up)
* Small graphical glitch in the Fatal Error Handler (it wasn't rendering all the text available)
* my pictures, View by button broken
* Upscale to GUI res should now be working.
* Various settings options weren't being displayed correctly.
* LCD Off mode was missing.
* Problem with Autoswitch to Big Icons in Video Files view.
* LaunchXBE/Reboot XBMC didn't work.
* my pictures, recursive slideshow was played unsorted
* my videos, items where added unsorted to the playlist
* my music albums, music.jpg is not shown when no thumb is available
* removed old memorytracker since it had lot's of issues (this should fix the problem with AQTBrowser)

* removed specification of first subtitle to allow new mplayer.dll to function properly
* new subtitle name interface for xbmc, will fallback to old style if missing (support old dlls)
* Incremented video database version number.
* Image loader now scales jpgs while they load (Now uses only the memory needed for the screen image). Only working for jpgs.
* skin version to 1.22
* Small nicety Navigate left to menu then immediately right and it remembers the control you were at.
* Settings menus: Categories change on focus, rather than on click.
* GUIMessages to controls have changed - all messages from windows to controls on that window use OnMessage() rather than g_graphicsContext.SendMessage(). This should stop the clashes between controls with common ids on different windows.
* Behaviour of icons/thumbs in listview. Only use thumb if it's a real thumbnail.
* Skin version incremented (as dialogNumeric.xml and dialogGamepad.xml are necessary skin files)
* Slideshow now uses the video filters settings instead of the GUI settings. (for sharper pictures)
* various strings to make them more obvious.
* settings, added category "View Options" for my programs
* a dummy time is displayed in the video osd when calibrating
* my music albums, recent albums can now be displayed
* playlist windows, items are now played shuffled instead of shuffleing playlist items
* settings, made units in spin controls localizeable

Official Site: http://www.xboxmediacenter.com / http://sourceforge.net/projects/xbmc
Download Binaries: n/a (built with XDK)
Download SourceCode: here
News-Source: Xbins XBMC server

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